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Web Page Links

Origin of Graphic Unknown
If you know please let me know so I can give it the proper credit

On this page are some link to other websites that I find very interesting or just really enjoy looking at.  They reflect about me and what I am about.. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Click the links below to look at the websites.

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Western Cherokee/My People - Click here

Offical Cherokee Nation Website - Click here

Awesome Native American Graphics - Click Here

A great place to purchase computer parts and accessories -- Click Here

Keep an online count of your M.P.G. - Click Here

Email rumors, are they true? - Click Here

Information on Fibromyalgia. Click Here

2WD 101.3 - Click here

More Information about Patsy Cline - Click here

Cher's Offical Webpage - Click Here

Trisha Yearwood's Offical Website - Click here

Alabama's Offical Webpage - Click Here

Check the health of your computer - Click Here

Funny Laws - Click here

Want to learn more about Hampton Roads? Click here.

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